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You can ask for help with things you aren’t good at.

“Why don’t you hire a professional organizer?”

That’s essentially what my therapist told me a few months ago when I was going on about feeling frustrated with all the clutter in my house, specifically the playroom.

But I should be able to do this myself.
It shouldn’t be that hard.
It’s just kids’ toys.
I just have to throw away the trash, sort into like piles, and then donate what we don’t need.
Easy, right?

No, not really. It makes my brain explode, and I get paralyzed. I’m assuming there are some other moms out there who are feeling the same.

Yeah, you can keep trying and trying and trying and not actually making any progress, or you can ask for help.

About a month ago, I had Joy from Joy Loving Home come and help me get this playroom reset. She brought 2 other ladies with her, and we worked for 4 hours.
We decided what I wanted to keep in the actual playroom, and moved the rest to the basement to be sorted and decide what to donate.

She came back a few weeks later and we continued working on the basement. I still have things I need to donate down there, but we made a ton of progress, and she helped me rearrange the playroom in a way I wouldn’t have thought of.

If you’re a mom overwhelmed by clutter, and kids’ stuff is just piling up in your house, you’re not alone! And it’s ok to ask for help.