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What does "Just Better" mean?

I’ve spent much of my adult life as a perfectionist, and I’ve slowly been letting that go.  One might be confused how I consider myself a perfectionist if I struggle with clutter and overwhelm in my home, since it’s definitely nowhere near perfect. But being a perfectionist is about the ideal you’re trying to achieve. And it actually holds you back from taking any action if the end result isn’t going to be perfect, which doesn’t help.

I love the idea of “just making things better”, which I got from Dana K. White of @aslobcomesclean.

Making something “just better” is something that feels attainable, but perfection is not. I think it can apply to a lot of different areas of my life, not just decluttering. If I start with the goal of perfection, I just won’t start at all, but if I’m going for “just better,” I can always make progress.

I have certainly found the saying to be true, “perfection is the enemy of done”. There are a lot of things I want to “get done” in my life, so I have to let go of perfection.

So this blog, along with my instagram and Facebook accounts will chronicle my journey to make some aspects of my life “just better.” I hope you’ll follow along!