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Hello, there!

I’m Bethany. I’m on a journey to make things “just better, not perfect” in my home and life. I want to simplify what is overwhelming to my brain (and my family’s).

From picking a few intentional brands to purchase from (instead of endlessly researching all the things) to decluttering the overwhelming amount of things in my home, I’m just trying to make things better, but without perfection required (which has tripped me up for many years). If you relate to that, you’re in the right place. I can’t wait to get to know you better and encourage you as you hopefully make things “just better” as well.

Be sure to say hi! I would love to connect.


One of the ways I’ve found to make my life “just better” is by taking care of my skin with safer products. I can’t overhaul everything in my home at once, but I can make some easy “safer swaps” that are good for me and my family. I started with Beautycounter last year, but since the company is taking a break right now until (hopefully) Q4 of 2024, I wanted to find another skincare brand that was safe, effective, and made me feel good in my skin.  Oliveda from Olive Tree People has met that!

Olive Tree People was started to make all of the wonderful benefits of the Olive trees available in ingestible and luxury skincare form.  They make waterless beauty products.  What does that mean? Every single product contains hydroxytyrosol, which is comes from olive leaf extract.  They use this elixir as the base of all of their products instead of water, which most conventional skincare uses.


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